Please note: individual membership is being increased to £17 for TR and £12 for F class for 2025. This is to cover the rising costs of NRA Affiliation and insurance.

2024 Individual membership is £15 per year for Target Rifle and £10 per year for F class, payable at the beginning of the year. This entitles you to represent Yorkshire in county matches, receive discounts at open meetings, and often gives you subsidies for team matches. Please pay by standing order if you can. 

Membership is FREE to anyone up to the age of 18 and still in full-time education. They must be a member of a club, school or cadet unit. Once you pass the age of 18 and go on to university or a job, we’d like you to pay your subs and stay with us.

Individual membership subscription pays for NRA affiliation and insurance, meaning that you can participate at Bisley with the Yorkshire county squad and be covered for insurance purposes without needing to be an individual member of the NRA.

It is a requirement that you are a bonafide member of a Home Office approved club as your “primary club”, and be in possession of a Safe Shooter Certificate signed by your club secretary. If attending Bisley for Imperial matches or open meetings and practice there, it is recommended that you become an individual member of the NRA. Speak to a fellow member about joining the NRA of UK, or contact them directly at the NRA of UK website.

For those qualified to represent England, membership of the English Twenty Club is £15 per year, payable directly to the English Twenty Club or to the regional rep. Anyone who represents Yorkshire in the KGV (English County Championship for the King George V Cup) must be a paid up member of the English Twenty Club. 

Club affiliation is £20 for Home Office approved clubs. This entitles the club to field a team for the Yorkshire Astor Heat and the Bingham Shield, and be part of the club bond scheme to share range allocations at Strensall ranges.

Current bond scheme members: Leeds Service RC, Pickering R&PC, Darlington R&PC, Wakefield R&PC, North East Lincs RC, Reepham RC, Hull RC, Bridlington R&PC